05 February 2010


Facts and figures:

Total population: 1,140,905

Best time to visit: September to March

Area: 678,726 ha km

Languages: Kannada and English

STD Code: 08262


Sat at a height of over 1,900 meters in the lush green valley south of the Baba Bundan range, the quiet city of Chikmagalur is adorned with picturesque mountains, emerald green forests, valleys, rivers, spectacular waterfalls and impressive temples nestled in the mountains. This famous coffee town is ideal for trekking.


Located in the southwestern part of Karnataka, Chikmagalur is 240 km from Bangalore, 170 km from Mangalore, 60 km from Hassan and 40 km from Kadur.

Best time to visit:

The best time to visit Chikmagalur is months between September and March.


Chikmagalur literally means The youngest daughter's Town. According to popular legend the city was presented as a dowry to the youngest daughter of Rukmangada, the famous chief of Sakrepatna.

Tourist Attractions:

Baba Budan Range: Located north of Chikmagalur, this range, named after the Muslim saint Baba Budan, has one of the highest mountain peaks between the Himalayas and the Nilgiris.

Kondadarama Temple: This temple is a beautiful blend of Hoysala and Dravidian architectural styles.

St. Joseph's Cathedral: The main attraction of this church is its iojnefaldende shell-shaped Portico.

Sringeri: This pilgrimage center is famous for Vidyashankara Temple, which has 12 zodiac pillars. The sun's rays fall on each column according to the time of year.

Places around Chikmagalur:

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary (Muthodi): Located 38 km northwest, this sanctuary is home to animals, Gaur, Chital, Sambar, elephants, tigers, etc

Kemmanagundi: The scenic hill station, 55 km north of Chikmagalur, located on the Baba Budan range at a height of 1434 m. is located 8 km from Kemmanagundi is Hebbe Falls where water cascades down a height of 168 meters in two stages, and 10 km away, it Kalhatti Falls, pouring down from a height of 122 m. A local temple, built in a gap between rocks, can also be seen.

Kudremukh: This isolated hill station, located 95 km southwest of Chikmagalur, overlooks the Arabian Sea and is associated with deep valleys and steep cliffs.

Amruthapura: Located about 10 km from Tarik, this small town is famous for its 800 year old temple dedicated to Amrutheswara.

Fairs and festivals:

Navrathri Festival: This ten-day festival is celebrated here on the occasion of Durga Puja.


Some of the big hotels in Chikmagalur, offering a remarkable blend of tradition and modernity, and a pleasant stay, The Taj Garden Retreat, plants Court Hotel, Hotel Mount Palace, Hotel Rajmahal, etc.

Taste the local coffee from Chikmagalur:

Panduranga coffee available in the Taj Garden retreat grown locally by plantation owners in their backyard beans arrive ready and roasted just for the hotel's kitchen presents coffee is so strong in aroma and flavor. The regular prefer it best with cow's milk.

Arabica coffee available in Eagle Eye Holidays here the coffee is brewed a light copper color with a spoonful of sugar in the bottom of the filter. Best to have it as a bed of coffee. Arabica is exactly what you need if you are camping at the Misty Mountains in the Western Ghats. A caffeine kick you will not forget.

Vanilla coffee available in Jungle Green has a home-stay where vanilla beans are soaked in coffee-decoction to accelerate its monotonous variations. They also serve the traditional black coffee with black jaggery instead of sugar.

Blended coffee available in Wood way Estates here coffee is traditionally brewed with a perfect blend of 90% Arabica and 10% robusta. Beans are carefully roasted to perfection exemplary. Their specialty is a cold coffee is always served with a touch of cinnamon.

Mysore coffee available in River Woods here coffee is moderately strong and very aromatic, connoisseurs who prefer their coffee with large strains of mint and herbs to try. The main component of this mixture is unique in Mysore coffee beans. It also has a fragrant aromatic topping and is ideal for easy mixing with other flavors.

Best time to visit: Chikmagalur is beautiful all year round. But the weather is most pleasant between September and March

How to reach:

Air: The nearest airports are in Bangalore and Mangalore.

By train: The nearest rail heads on Kadur and Hassan.

By Road: Chikmagalur is well connected by an extensive network of roads to Bangalore and Mangalore.

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